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Why Choose Wealth Intelligence Alliance?

First-Class Service

There's an advantage in working with a Wealth Intelligence Alliance advisor who knows you – and your financial goals. That's what makes WIA Club different from other investment firms. Supporting the relationship between you and your advisor shapes nearly every aspect of our business.

Tailored advice

Our approach in determining your goals, and developing tailored financial strategies, has been helping Canadians reach their long-term financial goals for more than 20 years.

Accompany your life

We are not only helping people with financial planning, but also taking care of their whole life important moment. Wealth Intelligence Alliance will alway accompany your life.

We're building sustainable, healthier communities for life, and we're looking for new and innovative ways to do more, so that we can provide long-term value to our Clients, employees, shareholders and communities.

Tips, tools and good advice for all of life’s important moments.

Disclosure: Investment Products are offered through Queen Financial Group Inc.

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